Welcome To the Connected Enterprise

Enterprise class application enabling secure, collaborative and device agnostic conversations between people, enterprise apps and enterprise cloud apps.


Feature Rich

Experience seamless intra-organization communication through messages, notifications and alerts. Exchange real-time discussions with one or many people, directly or even through groups. This secure, encrypted and robust system provides highest levels of privacy and data protection to all your confidential data.

One App. Multiple Ways to Communicate!

Your team’s entire communication needs unified into one single app and available across platforms wherever you go.



Information security is guaranteed with TeamToq. We ensure that your data and privacy are our highest priority.



Business messaging and communication is our strength.



Quickly start a task or a discussion with multiple conversations and get work done, even while away from your desk.

Collaborate Using TeamToq

Secure and seamless collaboration with teams not only within the organization but also outside. Securely share information from any platform or device.

Share Multimedia

Share multimedia files from your device or web to an individual or a group

3rd Party Api Integration

All your documents, files and multimedia in one single place. Integrate with cloud services right from the app for better productivity

Groups (Create & Manage)

Bring your team together, work together and get things done faster. Create and manage groups for different projects. Create groups specific to projects or teams where you can share files and also ideas

Best In-Class Security Infrastructure

TeamToq ensures the highest level of security to protect data by investing in latest technology and staying ahead of the technological curve.


TeamToq ensures multi-level data encryption so that sensitive information shared across multiple devices is protected


Encryption for data in motion, data at rest and data on devices


Only users with verified corporate email accounts can use TeamToq


We treat all your data as confidential and it is always backed up and encrypted

Device Agnostic

Stay connected and synced seamlessly across devices and platforms. Native apps from iOS and Android ensure full functionality across platforms

Product sheet

Download a free copy of  Teamtoq’s features detailed in a PDF version.

Explore Our Features!

The TeamToq enterprise class app enables secure, collaborative, device agnostic conversations between people, enterprise apps and enterprise cloud apps.


The built-in Notes app on lets you do the task without leaving the app


Sync your calendar and invite users to events directly from TeamToq


Talk, chat and message anyone in your business network

Sharing files

Exchange PDFs, Documents, Images or Videos with connections


Follow updates from key through leader of your company

Flag for action

Flag entries and mark them for actions


View meeting notes from the event info and share it with attendees


Send and receive alerts instantly across teams and enterprise


All that you want to know about Teamtoq for your organization.